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I received an "Award Notification" from an unknown source which had "US Airlines" printed at the top. It promised "2 round trip airline tickets to anywhere in the continental US from any major international US airport." When I called the rep, she told me it was "Universal Travel Vacations" in Tinley Park, IL and to claim this award I would have to bring my spouse to a sales presentation to explain their services, but we were under no obligation to buy anything, there would be no high pressure sales tactics, and we would only have to pay taxes for the 2 tickets.

So my wife and I went to the presentation which lasted over 90 minutes. We found out that they were selling something similar to time shares (discounts on travel lodging in their condos). However, after the presentation the sales pitch turned ugly. There was an exhaustive repeat of the details by another rep, followed by 2 other reps that were brought in, and a final rep who also tried to sell an alternative travel package. We said we were not interested. Finally, she gave us a sheet of paper that needed to be mailed into "Global Vacation Network." It had 7 choices of vacations, each of which would cost even more money because of other costs related to the travel or "refundable deposits" which we didn't want to give them up front. All we wanted was the airline tickets, not a complete weeklong vacation.

We went to their website which was also confusing and deceptive with their charges. So I called and got the "customer service" number. I machine answered and I left a message, but no one returned the call. We sensed that they had misrepresented their original claim for giving us the airline tickets and we, therefore, did not send in the list of choices, nor did we send any money. I suppose it's possible that their discounts make a frequent traveler save some money. But they should not be offering free airline tickets if they will not give out those tickets without other stipulations. Our purpose in exposing them is to make sure no one else falls for this misleading offer.

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These people are hucksters.Give them your credit card but you have to wait 90 days to take a trip?

After asking some questions, the dude said "I don't need your business".Why haven't these criminals been put out of business?


Thank you for everyone that has posted their experience and comments.I received the same notice and had an appointment for tonight and am glad I will not be wasting my time!

I too was told to come alone but I was not told to bring a credit card with me.

It was only a presentation I did not have to purchase anything.They are just trying to get their name out there.


I was given appointment for today afternoon (January 20).I was also given the same pitch to bring ID, credit card, only my spouse, no need to buy, etc.

My wife insisted I should check them online and got here!

Thanks a lot!Hope others are saved as well from wasting precious time, gas, and unneeded persuasion.


Thank God for internet is all I can say otherwise these people would scam many.I received a letter about winning 2 tickets from US Air lines and I looked at the letterhead and it just didn't look official to me.

Called and got the same info everyone else got. I asked what the name of this so called agency was and after I made my appointment for next week I looked it up and found this. So glad because it would have been a waist of my time.

Something else that sounded shady was the fact that the rep said I couldn't bring anyone with me, I had to go alone.I told him if they were trying to get their name out there for more people to know about them it didn't make any sense for me to have to go alone.


Yeah, we received one of these also.My husband, ever the optimist, decided to call.

He made the appointment and the agent said their meeting site was at a hotel "while their offices were being built".We happen to know there is a huge abundance of empty commercial office space in the town their meetings are being held We cancelled


OMG!!Something told me to look up this wonderful scam.

I knew it was to good to be true because you had to be 28 or older and I'm only 25 but some how there was a way around it. Then you had to be married or have a spouse that shared the same traveling finance. I'm single, but then again there was a way around that as well. Some how we got disconnected and I called back to see if everything was confirm a guy got on the phone with a major attitude.

Now that was it for me I did the research and thanks to you all I'm not even going to waste my time going to see what's is about.Crazy people trying to get over.


Thanks for the information just received the letter and called ..got the same talk and setup an appointment but now I'll be sure to tear this up.

I sure don't need the fast talker routine to help empty my pockets. Thought the free vacation sounded too good to be true. This company claims to be a travel agency just wanting us to help spread the work about who the are ... Okay here goes ..

They never mention the name of the agency but the location in in Lombard Illinois.

I'm not playing the game ..Don't bother with them.


Appreciate your post.I have been to other attend our session and get a free vacation / hotel stay / airline tickets.

We did make an appointment for this one as we were told the same as you. We unfortunately were unable to attend. Before calling to reschedule I searched online and found your ad. Now, having been to about 5 presentations that offer free things, only about two of them actually were able to be redeemed.

The others were similar to what you described above, and the ones that we redeemed didnt make it possible without a few bumps in the road.I'm glad people like you post so we as consumers know what is worth our time and what is not.


thanks for the info.

it saves time and money.



Thanks for the "heads up" on this scam.I was assured that I did not have to buy, decide, or pay for anything during this appointment but for some reason they want me to bring a major credit card for identification purposes only.

Seriously??? I have a drivers license that should work for that.

After reading your story I'm not going to the appointment and I'm not calling to cancel.They lied to me, I don't have to call and cancel.

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I just got the same offer and made an appointment while I had time.I then googled and found this report.

Thank you for placing this out there.It helped and we are not wasting our time.


Thanks for the info. I just received the "invitation" and was wondering if it was worth looking into...


I was scheduled to attend this presentation on Saturday. I will not be attending. Thank you for the information.


Thank you for posting this!!We were going to go to the presentation this afternoon.

It's a good thing I googled first.You saved us from wasting our time.


I got the same letter and set our appointment date for this so called presentation.My thing was that I dont recall ever signing up for anything so I was curious as to how they got my name and address.

Thank you for taking the time to post this as we will not be going to the presentation.aargh....I hate scammers!


Thanks for the heads up on Universal Travel.my husband and I received the same letter about free airline tickets.

My philosophy is that if it sounds too good to be true then it has to be a scam and in this case it is most certainly true.Thank you for taking the time to warn other people who might be considering this " bait and switch" offer.

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